My thoughts about relay races.

Have you ever run relay race?

Last week I went to Washington D.C. to accompany my husband who ran a relay race. It was an interesting experience for my husband and me too. It was a hard 200 mile race that started in the morning near the town of Cumberland, MD. Almost 250 teams ran through the beautiful forests of the Appalachian mountains. At night runners ran through the quiet streets of many charming historic Civil War towns. The end of the race was in Washington D.C.

Every person could run in this race. But it was more suitableĀ for intermediate or advanced runners. In the end everybody who finished the race received a medal and my husband too. There were many other awards also. For example, award for the best team name, best decorated vehicle award, awards for all division winners. Young women were the best in decorating their van! Everyone got T-shorts too.

It was very fun!

Americans are very enthusiastic people! I saw a 7-month pregnant woman who was participating in the race too. I was so surprised! (That was odd to me too.)

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